Sprinkler Head

Not this past weekend, but the weekend before I got around to doing some things that have been staring me in the face for awhile, one is filling that hole in the middle of the yard, weeding and cleaning the algae out of the pool.

The Hole

That hole I am referring to is from the sprinkler head I removed in an attempt to diagnose it a very long time ago. It is pretty much right in the middle of the yard. I get bounced around on the lawn mower when I hit it and I went down the other day falling into it. I am surprised that hasn’t happened sooner and I am also surprised it didn’t hurt a bit. I suppose just going down instead of fighting it is what saved my ankle and why it didn’t hurt. I suppose there is something to be said with just going with the flow, bending in the breeze and whatever other cliché you can think of.

That hole is there because I thought somebody was going to help me fix the irrigation system. It’s been so long I am not exactly sure when that was supposed to happen, but I believe it was last year when we closed the pool, unless it was when we opened the pool last year. I think it was actually when we opened the pool. Anyway, that hole has been in the yard awhile and I have since found two more sprinkler valves and that is likely the cause of those sprinkler heads not working. So, I think with that that means all I have left to figure out with the irrigation is where the shutoff valve is, if one exists. Unfortunately, now I have to replace the pressure valve.


As for the weeding, we had a bunch of rain that not only made it difficult to get outside to do anything, but it also made the weeds get out of control. I suppose I could do a better job of using a weed control, but there is only one of me. This is just from around the pool. And I did it over a two day period because it was scorching hot out and it took forever. I could have jus killed them with weed killer, but I don’t like seeing all those dead weeds all over the place and they are easy to pull after the rain. You might be able to tell some of these are dry. The bucket is from around the arborvitaes and ornamental grass just on the other side of the berry bushes outside the fence.

Here are some before and after photos. I just took the after. You can see how big the tomato bushes got in just that short period of time.

I don’t know if you remember me wondering if that ornamental grass was going to come up. I got the grass from a neighbor. I think he gave me about 6 big grass plants. I proceeded to hack them up in a not so gentle way to spread it around the fence. A few people told me not to worry about it, they are like weeds. Well, I guess they are right because I noticed a few little ones coming up around the pool. I’m not sure if that is from a piece of a root that may have fallen off because I know I was tossing them over the fence and pieces were kinda all over the place – it was a big job. There’s a couple that I accidentally hit with the weed killer so they don’t look so well – I just took the photos. I’ll be repurposing those either myself or give them to somebody else.

Here they are now and the arborvitaes on the other side of the berry bushes I mentioned earlier. Go here or here if your wondering what it looked like when I planted the ornamental grass.

The Pool Filter

I also had some algae in the pool. It would settle on the bottom so I went and bought a vacuum and vacuumed it up. Here are the filters after I vacuumed up the algae and what happened to my pants removing the big filter. Not that I didn’t know it was going to happen, the thing is heavy, just threw the pants in the wash when I wash finished.