So I bought a hydrangea back in April. The forever blooming type. It was pink, but I really want blue so I figured I’d give it a try to turn it blue.

Apparently, there are a few things to this. One, it’s aluminum that makes them blue, but also the acidity of the soil. The soil has to be acidic enough for the hydrangeas to take up the aluminum to make them blue. I didn’t really want to mess too much with aluminum. It will build up in the soil and isn’t good for some plants, plus it’s aluminum.

If you see here where I planted the hydrangea it is surrounded by masonry which makes for a higher pH. Every time I test the soil here the pH always seems to be around 7.


I bought some sulfur and some aluminum sulfate. There is and organic way to acidify the soil, but I am not sure if there is a way to organically get aluminum into the soil. As far as I am aware it is more than just the acidity of the soil, it’s the aluminum that turns the flowers blue.
sulfer aluminum sulfate
I went easy with both the aluminum and the sulfur. I figured it would take time for the sulfur to break down to acidify the soil. Below is the progression. Not nearly blue, but a lot more color than when I started. Plus, I haven’t done anything since I initially started. But you can see they tried to turn blue at one point. Since I had no idea what I was doing, I really didn’t want to finish the hydrangea off.

On another note, when I planted it I noticed a branch was broken so I dipped it in root starter and stuck it in a pot with potting mix. Here it is after about a month.

rooted hydrangea
Here it is now. It actually has a baby flower on it.

rooted hydrangea

And somehow a tomato seed ended up by the hydrangea and started growing.


I started a bunch of tomatoes from seed this year, yellow and orange ones because they are hard to find and I think they are so much better, not as acidic. The thing is, I think I have about ten plants and I already gave a bunch away. I started a lot of seeds this year because last year I lost all of my seedlings. I’ll have to move him somewhere.