I haven’t trapped a chipmunk in weeks. This past week some other rodent pest has been going in the trap and eating all the bait. One time it tripped the trap and the other time it did not. In both cases it ate the bait and left.  I figure it had to be something small enough to get out of the trap. I always figured I was dealing with more than one type of rodent all along. I am assuming, at minimum, I have moles, voles and chipmunks. Rabbits and squirrels as a side note. It is the chipmunks, voles and moles that are causing all of the damage.

I went out and bought some mouse traps and also pulled out a glue trap and set both near one of the holes and baited with corn last night. This morning I noticed the glue trap was upside-down and one of the traps was tripped. This was down by the fence so I couldn’t see exactly what happened from that far away.

When I went down there I did catch one in a snap trap, it was a vole. I bought the kind of traps you are supposed to be able to reuse, but he was so far up in there, I am guessing he didn’t trip the trap until he was way up in there reaching for the corn. When I turned the glue trap over I was surprised to see that they were actually able to get the corn off the trap and not get stuck. I’ve gone through quite a few of these, including last year, and none have ever caught anything but bugs.

garden pests


Something else happened while I was down there. I actually saw one crawling around in the hole. I wasn’t sure how the video was going to come out, and it turns out there is some kind of glare right on the little bugger.

I also noticed something eating one of  the tomato plants. Last year I did not have a problem with hornworms, but that was my primary suspect. The first time I checked I saw what is in the photos below, but I didn’t see him. The first photo is his poo and the second is about a half eaten tomato plant.

They next time I checked I found him gorging himself on a tomato. It reminded me of a feeding vampire. His mouth was covered in tomato juice.


I tried to pull him off by his horn and he wasn’t happy and he had one heck of a grip. Here’s me trying to get him off with a little stick.

Apparently these things turn into hawk moths.

I also noticed something else was eating the berry plants. I don’t know if it was this guy or not, because I found him on the tomato bush.

Now I am seeing these fuzzy little caterpillars with a unique hairstyle all over the place, apparently they will be a milkweed tiger moth.