Edging A Garden Bed – Lessons Learned And Behind The Scenes

Edging a garden bed – lessons learned and behind the scenes

I know there are a lot of ways to edging a garden bed, but this worked well for me and I had all the tools required to get it done. I think the mattock helped with not removing too much soil with the grass. In my opinion, the spade and the mattock worked very well. I thought I did a good job of not whacking myself in the ankle, or shin with the mattock, but I have a bruise and a lump…

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How To Edge A Garden Bed

How to edge a garden bed

The grass is getting as tall as the juniper trees, I figured it was time to edge the garden bed. Granted, the rain has not only delayed the deck job. It was one of those things I just couldn't look at any more. I did not want to use any type of border. I wanted it easy to mow around, and to get it done fairly quickly without added extra steps like bricks or any type of edging material. I totally…

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Deck Prep And Thoughts Of Unique Gifts – I Know, It’s Weird

Deck prep and thoughts of unique gifts – I know, it’s weird

I was working on the deck yesterday, more prepping to use Pittsburgh Paint's Revitalize, and for some reason I started to think of something I did for my February granddaughter for her first birthday, it was a very unique gift, and pretty cool too. I suppose it was me going in and out to get more goop. I refer to goop as any form of substance that is dispensed with a goop gun – ha ha ha ha, also known as a caulking…

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Toilet Paper Over Or Under? Over, According To The Patent

Toilet paper over or under? Over, according to the patent

The next phase of the deck project has been on hold due to the relentless raining. It has not rained since May 5, but looking at the weather forecast, doesn't look like I will be doing anything until mid-May. In the mean-time I will be doing more prep work to ensure a nice prepped surface for good results. I also noticed that a couple of the grasses didn't make it, and I have a couple in stock I can replace…

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Juniper Trees, The Deck And The Bald Headed Robin

Juniper trees, the deck and the bald headed robin

Juniper Trees The rain subsided today, so I decided to mow the lawn. The lawn still isn't that great, and doesn't grow very fast, but it was time. As I was out there mowing, I noticed that everybody else already had mowed, even the one neighbor who seems like he shouldn't own a house. The place looks vacant, he's one of those, whatever those is. I did notice he hired somebody to mow, which is new this year for him. All…

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It’s The First Of The Month, Do You Know Where Your Bath Sponge Has Been?

It’s the first of the month, do you know where your bath sponge has been?

I'm not going to lie. I was one of those people who used that mesh bath pouf until it practically fell apart, eeew. Funny thing is it's one of those things I always try to keep in stock and have on hand for guests. It was just one of those things I never got around to changing. I'd only remember after I got in the shower. There's not much worse than having to get out of the shower after you…

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Is It Ever Going To Stop Raining? Forced Out Of The House And To The Children’s Museum

Is it ever going to stop raining? Forced out of the house and to the Children’s Museum

I'm lying in bed last night when a severe alert came across my phone. Now I knew it was going to rain until Sunday so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, but come on. Doesn't Mother Nature know I am trying to finish the deck? On another note, I did go to the Children's Museum, can't remember last time I was there, it was free day. Place was packed, but it is so big it wasn't too bad. We spent…

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Trying To Make Progress On The Deck, Not Going So Well

Trying to make progress on the deck, not going so well

  • April 28, 2017
  • Deck

The weather is not cooperating. I just finished screwing in one board and got started on the last, when I started to hear rain drops hitting the tarp. I asked it, "are you raining"? Of course it didn't answer, but sure enough. So, I start to cover the deck with the tarp again. Of course I had to almost completely put it back on because it had to be removed enough due to the last board being right in the middle of the…

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Gasoline Leaked From Pressure Washer

Gasoline leaked from pressure washer

I took the pressure washer back to its owner. It's a 45 minute drive. I had to lay it down in my car, and before I did this I was wondering a. is it going to leak and b. is it going to damage the power washer engine? I have a rhino-type pad thing, ah crap, let me go find out what it is. Hang on. OK, it's a Rhinolin Writing Surface. Looks like I ordered mine back in 2012.…

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Deck 20170424 184333 Deck Deck Deck Deck

Deck pressure power washing – I was able to get photos off my phone

  • April 26, 2017
  • Deck

I rebooted my phone and was able to get the pictures off my phone. I think it was the phone and the third party USB cable. If that USB cable is bad it would be the third one that has gone bad from cable matters. I've been in IT for 20+ years and have never had a USB cable go bad. I started screwing down the new boards today and ran out of deck screws, so I had to run and…

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