Pool And Pool Equipment – Shaping Up, Frogs And All

Pool and pool equipment – shaping up, frogs and all

  • July 18, 2015
  • Pool

Lucky for me, my brother has been in the pool business since he was a kid so he was instrumental in getting the pool up and running. They had removed the old pump and only left an old sand filter. It was replaced with a new Pentair pump and Pentair cartridge filter. By the way, the frogs are always in the skimmer. I can't tell you how many times they've caught me off guard, forgetting they are very likely going to…

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Downstairs Bathroom And Plumbing

Downstairs bathroom and plumbing

So I came down stairs and heard some weird noise. It was the valve in the bathroom and I could see it was bubbling up under the paint. So I went down stairs in to the basement and sure enough, flooded. It wasn't too bad, but bad enough. Since the valve was bad I had to turn off the main valve. So no water. We tried to fix it, but we couldn't get the nipple out, so I called a…

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Kitchen Floor Transformation

Kitchen floor transformation

Since my daughter's boyfriend's uncle had ten years experience with tile we brought him in to help. It became very clear he didn't know what he was doing and I ended up sending him home and a got started on it myself. Actually I pulled up what he did and restarted the job. My daughter's boyfriend and I worked on it together but after a few days he helped less and less because he couldn't keep up with me. I also…

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Kitchen Floor Begins

Kitchen floor begins

Getting the old floor up wasn't that bad. I had some help from my daughter's boyfriend. Looking at the picture of the old floor, no wonder why I couldn't stand to look at it.  

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The Pool

The pool

HUD has essentially covered the pool with a wall. I'd really like to get some use out of it this year. Surprising it still holds water.  

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