Turning Hydrangeas Blue, Aluminum And Acidity

Turning hydrangeas blue, aluminum and acidity

So I bought a hydrangea back in April. The forever blooming type. It was pink, but I really want blue so I figured I'd give it a try to turn it blue. Apparently, there are a few things to this. One, it's aluminum that makes them blue, but also the acidity of the soil. The soil has to be acidic enough for the hydrangeas to take up the aluminum to make them blue. I didn't really want to mess too much with…

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Chipmunk Tally – The Sparrows Are Closing In

Chipmunk tally – the sparrows are closing in

10 chipmunks to date. Remember when I said that the sparrows are catching up and I figured they were after the sunflower seeds and I just used corn? Well, not ten minutes later another sparrow went into the trap. I put a rock near the entrance, but then another one went into the trap. I put the rock and a block of wood and the next thing I caught was a chipmunk about a week later. So let's see what happens.…

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Master Clay Roaster For The Juiciest Chicken Ever

Master clay roaster for the juiciest chicken ever

I realized I couldn't just start telling this story without telling the story behind it. So I will tell you a little now and maybe do a post on some of the interesting people I've met along the way... So as you may know I lost my job months back now. Initially I figured the chances of me getting a job at the end of the year were going to be slim - I am not in retail or some…

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Chipmunks – They’re Cute And Feisty, But Very Destructive

Chipmunks – they’re cute and feisty, but very destructive

I've eliminated a total of 9 chipmunks, all but one trapped. I found one at the bottom of the pool one morning. As you can see from the graphic the sparrows are catching up. I am beginning to think that the neighborhood is invested with them and I am the only person doing anything about it, so I am thinking that this is never going to end. I am really surprised I am not catching a lot more. There must…

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Building Deck Stairs And Repairing Deck Skirting From Dog Damage

Building deck stairs and repairing deck skirting from dog damage

  • June 13, 2017
  • Deck

Building Deck Stairs I finished rebuilding the two sets of stairs on the deck. I bought the premade 3-step stair stringers and used stair treads instead of some type of board. I was going to just flip the boards over and reuse all of the current materials but after flipping just one board over I decided against it. I could have gotten it to work, but the boards weren't exactly straight, but more importantly the stringers were falling apart. I'm…

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Chipmunk Problem, Another Epic Battle And I Seem To Be Losing

Chipmunk problem, another epic battle and I seem to be losing

I have noticed a bunch of holes all over the yard and as I walk around the grass it is cushiony from all of the burrowing. When I was talking to my sister-in-law she suggested it might be chipmunks and since I saw one that morning I figured she must be correct. I confirmed the holes at this site. While I think I may have more than one type of rodent pest, I know for a fact I have a…

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Pool Opening Is Turning Into An Epic Battle – Turning A Pond Into A Pool

Pool opening is turning into an epic battle – turning a pond into a pool

My brother opened the pool on Memorial Day. It was in bad shape. Ducks, tadpoles and frogs. I even had a couple Canada geese show up. Saw those and I was like, ah no, no you don't, OUT! They didn't seem to want to leave, but they finally took off and never came back. Some people have built businesses keeping those things off property. That said, I was getting my nails done a couple of weeks ago and there was…

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Perennial Bulbs Not My Forte Apparently – Sticks And Death

Perennial bulbs not my forte apparently – sticks and death

Starting plants from bulbs is not my forte apparently. I bought some Christmas ferns, clematis, caladiums and some coral bell perennial bulbs from Costco and all but the ferns, two caladiums and a clematis made it. I suppose the Christmas ferns may eventually make it, but right now they are pathetic sticks. The only caladiums that made it were the ones I planted indoors, the others I put in a bag with soil and they all rotted. I heard they were…

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Painting The Deck With Pittsburgh Paints Revitalize, Oh What Fun It Is – NOT!

Painting the deck with Pittsburgh Paints Revitalize, oh what fun it is – NOT!

Painting the deck was probably one of the worse jobs to date, even worse than painting the kitchen cabinets. I can't even begin to add up all the hours I have into this job, on top of that it almost killed me. And it is not finished yet. I pressure washed it back in April, then the weather wasn't cooperating, and then I tried the whole tarp thing to keep it dry and that backfired, and then the prep was…

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Spigot Oddity Why Are Leaves Coming From The Faucet?

Spigot oddity why are leaves coming from the faucet?

I was minding my own business, as usual, when I saw the house plant in the corner looking a little droopy. This means he's thirsty. Bad thing about him is, he is one of those that lets you know when it's thirsty, but then rewards you with brown leaves after you water it. It's a Peace Lily. So, I have been really wrapped up in getting the deck done, pretty much all I have been doing, so everything else is…

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