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Master Clay Roaster For The Juiciest Chicken Ever

I realized I couldn’t just start telling this story without telling the story behind it. So I will tell you a little now and maybe do a post on some of the interesting people I’ve met along the way…

So as you may know I lost my job months back now. Initially I figured the chances of me getting a job at the end of the year were going to be slim – I am not in retail or some other job where the low paying jobs abound. Not that I haven’t applied for jobs that I know weren’t going to come close to the salary I was making. I have applied for over 100 jobs and have been submitted for a number more. I think I’ve had 6 interviews. Nothing is happening. So maybe for the past month or so I have been going back to auctions. I did this as a hobby years ago. There are a number of reasons why I like to go. I find it exciting, I meet new and interesting people and you never know what you are going to find. But this time around I am going to find things to resell.

At one of the auctions I go to I met this guy who likes to cook, lets call him Bill. His family has been around awhile and he used to go to auctions with his grandmother. At one of the auctions he bought a small clay pot. He uses his for bread. The wheels start turning and then I realized I have been to places that have had clay pot chicken. End of backstory.

I was at an auction a couple of weekends ago. It was north of where my youngest daughter lives. Now normally I wouldn’t go that far, but I will admit, if I know I can “swing by” to see my granddaughter I will. Actually, each time I’ve gone to auctions that are north of my youngest I usually score. Anyway, my daughter ended up coming to the auction later. It was on location so it wasn’t confined which is easier when it comes to my granddaughter. We had a good time and we did pick up some interesting items, and some free stuff, and met more interesting people.

On the way back we stopped at a yard sale. Afterwards, I realized it was pushing 4:00 pm and was surprised they were still sitting out there. I’m glad we stopped because I picked up 2 clay pots, a medium one for $2 and the big roaster for $5.  I don’t think either one had been used. I ended up giving the little one to Bill the following week at the auction and had him look at some cameras for me.

I’ll be honest, living alone I rarely cook, but meeting Bill and picking up that clay pot inspired me to make clay pot chicken. All I did was wash the chicken, rub some herbed butter on it, lay it on a bed of mushrooms, onions and lemons in the clay pot. I put some of the lemon in the cavity of the chicken, added a half a cup of chicken broth, closed the lid and put it in a cold oven. I placed the oven on 450 for 1.25 hours. I took the lid off and cooked for 10 minutes more to brown and checked it with a thermometer, and voilá.

Here it is before and after cooking.

chicken master clay roaster chicken

When I went to cut the chicken it was full of juice. Here is the plate after I finished cutting it up. It was, hand’s down, the juiciest chicken I’ve ever had.


And here is what started it all. I didn’t mention it earlier, but you have to soak the lid at least 15 minutes before using, and you cannot put it in a preheated oven, or it will break. I actually soaked the whole thing and left it in the sink when I went to the store to get the chicken.

master clay roaster

I’m totally going to make the turkey in it this year.

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