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Electrical Clean-up For The Pool Pump Switch And Outlet
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I decided to some electrical clean-up with the pool switch and outlet. The electrical was mounted to the old fence and was higher  than the new fence and I felt needed to be cleaned-up. I didn’t take before pictures for some reason, but I do have some pictures of the filter where you can see what I am talking about to the right-rear of the filter and some of the pile of wood after I cleaned it up. It was just one of those little projects I never got around to. And I am going to admit I did this pushing two months ago now, I’ll tell you why I know this later.

I went to get a weather resistant outlet and some new vertical covers. I am glad I decided to do it. As you can see things where it pretty bad shape. Plus those are not covers for vertical electrical and the outlet was not weather resistant.

I took pictures of how everything was wired before just in case. It’s tough saying what the previous owner did sometimes and I have found a lot of non-standard stuff. I took out the old and put in the new. I didn’t put everything back together fully until I tested it. Outlet was fine. The outlet comes first in the line. The problem was the switch. Even though I wired it exactly like it was, it didn’t work. It seemed very straight-forward, but it didn’t work. I spent a good part of the day out there trying to get it to work and couldn’t. The bad part about it was that the switch controlled the pump to the pool and without the pump, the pool would turn into a pond again.

I called my brother for assistance. He basically helped me bypass the switch and control it directly from the breaker. This is where how I know how long ago this was. My brother, as good as he is with this stuff, was supposed to come out that weekend to help fix it, or I should say, he was going to fix it. Well, it’s been at least six weeks since this happened and I am still waiting. I am not complaining that he hasn’t helped me with this, I am stating it because he said he would help and didn’t. If you have no intention on doing something, don’t say you are.