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Chipmunk Tally – The Sparrows Are Closing In

10 chipmunks to date. Remember when I said that the sparrows are catching up and I figured they were after the sunflower seeds and I just used corn? Well, not ten minutes later another sparrow went into the trap. I put a rock near the entrance, but then another one went into the trap. I put the rock and a block of wood and the next thing I caught was a chipmunk about a week later. So let’s see what happens. Funny thing is, I think I have been catching a chipmunk for at least the past two Mondays. It has been a slow process.


My neighbor was in his yard using a tow behind steam roller. Turns out he was flattening the mole trails in an effort to try and catch them. Apparently one was tearing up his front yard. He caught it, and it was a big one. Pests living high on the hog here on the south side, but I am glad I am not the only one working on the problem.