Pittsburgh Revitalize Deck Renovation Project – Postmortem And Behind The Scenes

Pittsburgh Revitalize deck renovation project – postmortem and behind the scenes

  • July 19, 2017
  • Deck

The Pittsburgh Revitalize deck renovation project was surprisingly one of the biggest to date, or maybe I should say the most difficult. Actually, I am not sure what to call it. Arduous, time consuming, frustrating... The Initial Plan I suppose the perfect plan would have been to replace the boards, and put up the cover and railing, stain it and be done with it. With my frugal and none wasteful mindset, I was going to initially replace all of the really…

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Deck Renovation Project – Calling It Complete

Deck renovation project – calling it complete

  • July 17, 2017
  • Deck

This post is probably long over due and I seemed to have lost the pictures I took when I "finished" the job, so I just ran out and took these. I guess not getting a job for so long made me question how I should move forward with a lot of projects. If I had my way, I'd put a pergola-type cover and some railing around the deck. I think that would finish it off real nice, plus it would…

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Building Deck Stairs And Repairing Deck Skirting From Dog Damage

Building deck stairs and repairing deck skirting from dog damage

  • June 13, 2017
  • Deck

Building Deck Stairs I finished rebuilding the two sets of stairs on the deck. I bought the premade 3-step stair stringers and used stair treads instead of some type of board. I was going to just flip the boards over and reuse all of the current materials but after flipping just one board over I decided against it. I could have gotten it to work, but the boards weren't exactly straight, but more importantly the stringers were falling apart. I'm…

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Painting The Deck With Pittsburgh Paints Revitalize, Oh What Fun It Is – NOT!

Painting the deck with Pittsburgh Paints Revitalize, oh what fun it is – NOT!

Painting the deck was probably one of the worse jobs to date, even worse than painting the kitchen cabinets. I can't even begin to add up all the hours I have into this job, on top of that it almost killed me. And it is not finished yet. I pressure washed it back in April, then the weather wasn't cooperating, and then I tried the whole tarp thing to keep it dry and that backfired, and then the prep was…

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Deck Prep And Thoughts Of Unique Gifts – I Know, It’s Weird

Deck prep and thoughts of unique gifts – I know, it’s weird

I was working on the deck yesterday, more prepping to use Pittsburgh Paint's Revitalize, and for some reason I started to think of something I did for my February granddaughter for her first birthday, it was a very unique gift, and pretty cool too. I suppose it was me going in and out to get more goop. I refer to goop as any form of substance that is dispensed with a goop gun – ha ha ha ha, also known as a caulking…

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Is It Ever Going To Stop Raining? Forced Out Of The House And To The Children’s Museum

Is it ever going to stop raining? Forced out of the house and to the Children’s Museum

I'm lying in bed last night when a severe alert came across my phone. Now I knew it was going to rain until Sunday so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, but come on. Doesn't Mother Nature know I am trying to finish the deck? On another note, I did go to the Children's Museum, can't remember last time I was there, it was free day. Place was packed, but it is so big it wasn't too bad. We spent…

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Trying To Make Progress On The Deck, Not Going So Well

Trying to make progress on the deck, not going so well

  • April 28, 2017
  • Deck

The weather is not cooperating. I just finished screwing in one board and got started on the last, when I started to hear rain drops hitting the tarp. I asked it, "are you raining"? Of course it didn't answer, but sure enough. So, I start to cover the deck with the tarp again. Of course I had to almost completely put it back on because it had to be removed enough due to the last board being right in the middle of the…

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Deck 20170424 184333 Deck Deck Deck Deck

Deck pressure power washing – I was able to get photos off my phone

  • April 26, 2017
  • Deck

I rebooted my phone and was able to get the pictures off my phone. I think it was the phone and the third party USB cable. If that USB cable is bad it would be the third one that has gone bad from cable matters. I've been in IT for 20+ years and have never had a USB cable go bad. I started screwing down the new boards today and ran out of deck screws, so I had to run and…

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More Power Washing With Subaru Pressure Washer

More power washing with Subaru pressure washer

So I got a text today from the guy I borrowed the pressure washer from, well his daughter actually, saying he needed the pressure washer back. Since he did me a huge favor by letting me borrow it to begin with, I told her I would finish up and take it to him tomorrow. So I did more of the driveway, the street gutters in front of the house, under the new dryer vent and the deck. I would post…

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I Figured Out How I Can Retrofit The Deck To Be Code Compliant – FastenMaster FMTHR614-24 ThruLOK Screw Bolt Fastening System

I figured out how I can retrofit the deck to be code compliant – FastenMaster FMTHR614-24 ThruLOK Screw Bolt Fastening System

  • April 19, 2017
  • Deck

I have been trying to decide how to retrofit the deck and still be code compliant. The deck is only 18 inches high so I really don't need railing to begin with, so I guess I just contradicted myself. I am doing it anyway, and after many hours of research I found something. FastenMaster FMTHR614-24 ThruLOK Screw Bolt Fastening System. From what I have seen they are easy to use and secure.

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