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This is about the transformation of a foreclosed house I bought. It is a way for me to keep my distant family up-to-date, and others on what I am doing. It also helps me journal the progress.

It took me eight months to find it. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a foreclosure, but by the time I bought this house I felt like I was never going to find anything. I looked in the middle, north, south, east and west side. The market I am in is spotty, that is you can have a half a million-dollar home around the corner from one of the worst parts of town.

The reason why it took so long is because of low inventory. For the most part anyway. It did have to meet at least some of my criteria. That said, the house has at least three things I said I didn’t want. 1. it’s huge. 2. it’s a two-story. 3. it has a pool.

It was built in 1989 and I don’t think it has been updated since. Actually, I think the previous owner started to update it, but he did it himself and he didn’t know what he was doing, or just had poor workmanship. Everything he did, or didn’t do, is going to have to be redone. With one exception, the bedroom floors and carpeting. I am the second owner.

I have always been handy and plan on doing most of the work myself. I feel good help is hard to find, and it’s expensive. I work full-time and make a decent living, but not that decent.

I used to help my Dad and brothers rebuild engines and an occasional transmission. I can change my own oil, and can generally figure things out. This is the second home I have owned, but haven’t owned one in six years.

I have been in the IT field for 20 or so years. I am not in real estate, design, construction or remodeling. I am just an average home owner trying to keep things in working order. It’s all opinion and how I do things. It shouldn’t be taken as advice, but solely entertainment.

I am not married, nor seeing anybody, something my granddaughter is always asking about, so yeah, I am doing this by myself for the most part.

I have been known to eat Ritz Crackers and coffee for lunch and tortilla chips, cheese and wine for dinner, followed by a handful of peanut M&M’s, but I try not to tell my kids that.

I do try and take care of myself, not a big user of healthcare, but could definitely work out more and eat better. The house will keep me in shape, but probably make the eating thing more of a problem.

Not sure how this is going to unfold, but I am by myself most of the time, so don’t expect stellar pictures or too many of me and I may just flat out get too busy and forget.

One more thing. I have never put my business out there this way, so hopefully I won’t regret it. I also respect other people’s privacy too, so unless they don’t care you probably really aren’t going to see too many pictures of other people.