Stainless Steel Appliances

The fastest and easiest way to clean stainless steel appliances

I went with stainless steel appliances because of looks and resale. Ironically that is one of the biggest complaints people have about stainless steel appliances is fingerprints, smudges, watermarks and streaks which ruin the looks. I have found the easiest way to clean stainless steel appliances. And here it is, Howard's Orange Oil Granted, I live alone, so fingerprints and smudges aren’t a huge problem, unless of course the little one comes over. In that case It is perfectly OK…

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Residential Air Purification

Residential air purification – REME® Halo & HVAC filter with high filter performance rating

I have been nursing my water heater along for months now until I heard dripping. I managed to hold it off the extra few days until I could have it replaced by using silicone and duct tape. While I was down there I noticed my REME® Halo light was off. This is an indication something is amiss. The REME® Halo is a residential in-duct air purifier used as part of a residential air purification system that I mentioned in a previous…

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Garlic Naan Bread Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Pizza

Super Easy Garlic Naan Bread Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Pizza

I usually buy Naan bread to use as a utensil to eat hummus. I figured there had to be another good recipe to make with Naan. Since I had some mozzarella pearls in the fridge I decided to make garlic Naan bread sun dried tomato pesto pizza. Not only was it delicious, it was super easy and fast. It also smelled just like pizza while cooking, go figure. I used the full-size Naan in garlic flavor. I used sun dried…

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I was wrong about organic – what I learned, an organic overview

I suppose I never understood organic. I always thought it meant no pesticides. So, I finally decided to find out. I started with what organic is as defined by the USDA and went from there. I found it was very easy to go down a rabbit hole, and it is a huge topic. For this reason, this is just an overview. Organic Overview The Organic Food Production Act (OFPA ) was enacted as part of the 1990 USDA Farm Bill…

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Abundance of yellow tomatoes – tomato soup and sauce

If you read my previous post you are aware I have an abundance of yellow tomatoes. I was practically giving them to strangers on the street to get rid of them so they wouldn't go bad. Now that I think about it, I was giving them to strangers on the street. I put a bunch in a box next to my mailbox, marked it FREE and put a post on Nextdoor. Oddly enough, I only got rid of a couple this way.…

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Water Spigot

The baffling mystery of the trickling water spigot – shutoff valve or sillcock?

Since I have lived here the spigot on the side of the house had only a trickle. It didn't leak, it just did not have full flow. My main suspect was a shutoff valve. I was unable to find a shutoff to see if it was partially closed. I looked on and off a couple of time and was never able to find it. I pulled the guts out of it the sillcock and turned the water on with no difference. The guts were 15 inches…

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Landscaping – moving the Alberta spruce only to die

I had a plan to put some climbing hydrangeas where those dwarf Alberta spruce are in front of the house. I figure they were there for nearly 30 years it's time to freshen up the place. I took this stand with all of those yews, junipers and arborvitaes that I had removed. There was no, color, no contrast, and no thought put into the landscaping. The only problem was, where to get them. I had never seen them at any…

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Yellow Tomato

When life gives you yellow tomatoes, make yellow tomato salsa

I started a bunch of yellow tomato plants from seeds this year. I didn't know how many would make it because they didn't make it last year. I put them outside when it got nice and they were blown to death. I think all but one made it this year and I gave a few away. I have ten tomato bushes. Two really aren't growing. I don't know if it has something to do with rodents messing with their roots or what.…

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Chipmunk and rodent and other pests status update

I haven't trapped a chipmunk in weeks. This past week some other rodent pest has been going in the trap and eating all the bait. One time it tripped the trap and the other time it did not. In both cases it ate the bait and left.  I figure it had to be something small enough to get out of the trap. I always figured I was dealing with more than one type of rodent all along. I am assuming, at minimum, I have…

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