When Life Gives You Yellow Tomatoes, Make Yellow Tomato Salsa

When life gives you yellow tomatoes, make yellow tomato salsa

I started a bunch of yellow tomato plants from seeds this year. I didn't know how many would make it because they didn't make it last year. I put them outside when it got nice and they were blown to death. I think all but one made it this year and I gave a few away. I have ten tomato bushes. Two really aren't growing. I don't know if it has something to do with rodents messing with their roots or what.…

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Chipmunk And Rodent And Other Pests Status Update

Chipmunk and rodent and other pests status update

I haven't trapped a chipmunk in weeks. This past week some other rodent pest has been going in the trap and eating all the bait. One time it tripped the trap and the other time it did not. In both cases it ate the bait and left.  I figure it had to be something small enough to get out of the trap. I always figured I was dealing with more than one type of rodent all along. I am assuming, at minimum, I have…

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Electrical Clean-up For The Pool Pump Switch And Outlet

Electrical clean-up for the pool pump switch and outlet

  • August 14, 2017
  • Pool

I decided to some electrical clean-up with the pool switch and outlet. The electrical was mounted to the old fence and was higher  than the new fence and I felt needed to be cleaned-up. I didn't take before pictures for some reason, but I do have some pictures of the filter where you can see what I am talking about to the right-rear of the filter and some of the pile of wood after I cleaned it up. It was just…

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Weeding, Filling Holes And Cleaning The Pool Filter Yet Again

Weeding, filling holes and cleaning the pool filter yet again

Not this past weekend, but the weekend before I got around to doing some things that have been staring me in the face for awhile, one is filling that hole in the middle of the yard, weeding and cleaning the algae out of the pool. The Hole That hole I am referring to is from the sprinkler head I removed in an attempt to diagnose it a very long time ago. It is pretty much right in the middle of the…

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Pittsburgh Revitalize Deck Renovation Project – Postmortem And Behind The Scenes

Pittsburgh Revitalize deck renovation project – postmortem and behind the scenes

  • July 19, 2017
  • Deck

The Pittsburgh Revitalize deck renovation project was surprisingly one of the biggest to date, or maybe I should say the most difficult. Actually, I am not sure what to call it. Arduous, time consuming, frustrating... The Initial Plan I suppose the perfect plan would have been to replace the boards, and put up the cover and railing, stain it and be done with it. With my frugal and none wasteful mindset, I was going to initially replace all of the really…

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Deck Renovation Project – Calling It Complete

Deck renovation project – calling it complete

  • July 17, 2017
  • Deck

This post is probably long over due and I seemed to have lost the pictures I took when I "finished" the job, so I just ran out and took these. I guess not getting a job for so long made me question how I should move forward with a lot of projects. If I had my way, I'd put a pergola-type cover and some railing around the deck. I think that would finish it off real nice, plus it would…

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Turning Hydrangeas Blue, Aluminum And Acidity

Turning hydrangeas blue, aluminum and acidity

So I bought a hydrangea back in April. The forever blooming type. It was pink, but I really want blue so I figured I'd give it a try to turn it blue. Apparently, there are a few things to this. One, it's aluminum that makes them blue, but also the acidity of the soil. The soil has to be acidic enough for the hydrangeas to take up the aluminum to make them blue. I didn't really want to mess too much with…

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Chipmunk Tally – The Sparrows Are Closing In

Chipmunk tally – the sparrows are closing in

10 chipmunks to date. Remember when I said that the sparrows are catching up and I figured they were after the sunflower seeds and I just used corn? Well, not ten minutes later another sparrow went into the trap. I put a rock near the entrance, but then another one went into the trap. I put the rock and a block of wood and the next thing I caught was a chipmunk about a week later. So let's see what happens.…

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Master Clay Roaster For The Juiciest Chicken Ever

Master clay roaster for the juiciest chicken ever

I realized I couldn't just start telling this story without telling the story behind it. So I will tell you a little now and maybe do a post on some of the interesting people I've met along the way... So as you may know I lost my job months back now. Initially I figured the chances of me getting a job at the end of the year were going to be slim - I am not in retail or some…

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